SNC specialises in development and management of sustainable systems of production and processing of animal protein: Beef, Lamb, Pork and Poultry.

 Analysis of Global Macro drivers reveal that food production will have to increase by more than 50% just to provide for the basic needs of the 9 Billion global population predicted for 2050. This will place significant demands on the farming sector and agricultural prices are anticipated to rise significantly over the coming decades. It is happening already.

 Protein supply is a corner stone of Food Security with demand increasing rapidly along with the size and affluence of the Asian middle class.


Sustainable high quality grain production and suppl is an important componenet of any Food Security strategy and is a specialist skill of SNC Agribusiness.

 Global grain production has not kept up with consumption for many of the past years, and world grain stocks are at all time lows, down to about a 57-day supply in some cases.

 The International Grain Counsel and the UN agree that this trend will continue to put increasing pressure on global food supply through to 2060.


As population growth and concomittant demand for fruit and vegetables exceeds Horticultural supply chains capacities the world is rapidly focussing on securing sustainable supply chains: A key skill of SNC Agribusiness.

 SNC’s combination of highly skilled logistics and supply chain managers and horticultural production managers delivers secure supply and investment returns in this multifactorial sector.